RPN / Charge Nurse

Monday, May 6th, 2019


Under the direction of the Resident Wellness Manager, provides for all aspects of nursing care and directs the duties of personal care staff.


  1. Maintains resident records and required documentation in accordance with policies and procedures and legislative requirements.
  2. Interprets and adheres to company policies, procedures, practices and philosophies. Works in accordance with all regulatory compliance agencies, Ontario Retirement Homes Act 2010 and O. Reg 166/11. Ensures compliance with Ontario Residential Communities Association, Occupational Health and Safety Act and other pertinent legislated regulations/ standards
  3. Organizes and directs functions and activities related to provision of care to residents.
  4. Is knowledgeable on Resident Bill of Rights and assists staff to respect and promote it.
  5. Administers medications as prescribed and observes changes in condition resulting from medications. Monitors the safekeeping of drugs and narcotics.
  6. Assists in maintaining a clean, safe residence environment for residents and personnel.
  7. Assists in ensuring that safe job routines are developed and followed. Recognizes safety hazards and takes appropriate action. Completes incident reports as appropriate.
  8. Participates in orientation and in-service programs or standing committees as assigned by the Resident Wellness Manager or General Manager.
  9. Maintains effective communication and good interpersonal relations with medical and allied staff, residents, families and other departments and refers all sensitive issues to ensure consistent response.
  10. Supervises Personal Support Workers/Resident Wellness Aides/Attendants giving care and monitors any agency staff.
  11. Communicates with resident families. Keeps family members updated on any changes in a resident’s physical, emotional or mental status. Informs families of any appointments booked for a resident, medical or otherwise.
  12. Updates family physicians as requested or when a change in the resident’s status occurs.
  13. Updates all nursing care plans and resident profiles as necessary.
  14. Checks the charts of new residents for completeness.
  15. Reports unusual occurrences, safety hazards, illness or problems with residents to the Resident Wellness Manager or General Manager.
  16. Completes staff and resident incident/accident reports and advises the Resident Wellness Manager or General Manager immediately of all staff incidents that may result in a WSIB claim, or other serious occurrences.
  17. Assumes responsibility for the physical plant in the absence of the Resident Wellness Manager or General Manager. Investigates problems and reports immediately to the Resident Wellness Manager or General Manager. Reports any maintenance emergencies to the Environmental Services Manager, notes other issues in Maintenance Request Book.
  18. Reports all deaths to the Resident Wellness Manager or General Manager.
  19. Participates in the Multi-disciplinary, Village-wide Quality (VIP) and Infection Control Programs.
  20. Performs other related duties as required.


  1. Current certificate of competence in good standing from the College of Nurses of Ontario.
  2. Comprehensive knowledge of nursing and health care practices and techniques including courses or experience in care of the elderly.
  3. Current CPR training required.
  4. Medication certificate required of all RPN’s.
  5. Must have respect, understanding and empathy for the elderly and people with disabilities.
  6. Must be committed to multi-disciplinary team work and demonstrate an ability to work through collaboration, joint decision making and integrated strategies.
  7. Must successfully complete an authorized Screening for Vulnerable Persons and a successful Criminal Reference Check and disclose any convictions, charges restraining orders, probation orders and/or warrants during the course of your employment that affect in any way your clear Criminal Reference Check and/or Vulnerable Persons Screening


The RPN/Charge Nurse reports directly to the Resident Wellness Manager.


Refer to Physical Demands Analysis document completed for specific site.


  1. Is a competent person as defined by the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  2. Is aware of supervisors’ responsibilities and follows all health and safety policies and procedures as set out in departmental manuals.
  3. Monitors adherence to safety policies and procedures of subordinates, and promotes safe work practices for self and others.
  4. Is alert to and promptly reports all actual or potentially hazardous situations to the Environmental Services Manager and/or the General Manager.
  5. Ensures that all reported injuries/illnesses are treated promptly and documented according to policy, and that transportation for treatment of critical injury is arranged.
  6. Participates in fire safety demonstrations and fire drills, and knows the Residence’s fire and disaster plan.