Monday, May 6th, 2019


The Server performs tasks in keeping with a professional waitperson in a family style restaurant.  Our residents and visitors are all considered our customers. Servers are required to offer, pour and serve alcoholic beverages and soft drinks from the licensed bar.


  1. Prepares the dining room for meal service.
  2. Waits on each assigned table, takes orders, checks for presentation, errors or omissions prior to serving the plate to the individual customer.
  3. Presents meals to residents/guests in a professional and courteous manner.
  4. Ensures that residents/guests receive the requested meal in accordance with customers’ requests.
  5. Following each meal service the server is required to clean and bus the food areas. The areas will vary from day to day and will be clearly identified on the position shift routines.
  6. Prepares all dining areas for the next meal service.
  7. Properly separates and delivers dirty linen to laundry department as assigned by Job Routine.
  8. Retrieves/folds/stores clean linen as needed.
  9. Responsible for the loading and operation of the dishwasher with assistance from FSW’s. This includes proper storage of the dishes and polishing flat wear in accordance with the protocols of the department.  Proper hand washing is necessary in between handling dirty and clean dishes.
  10. Keeps the work areas at a standard of cleanliness that is in keeping with Public Health.
  11. Sets up for daily “afternoon tea”/snacks in accordance with established protocol.
  12. Describes “daily specials” as well desserts & offers bar service and features.
  13. Ladles soup, plate desserts, scoop ice cream as per customer request.
  14. Completes census report for all customers’ served as per job routine, and department protocol.
  15. Picks up room service trays following each meal and in accordance with job routine, department protocol.
  16. Communicates immediately any difficulties experienced with the meal service to the Dining Room Supervisor.
  17. Assists with the closing and stocking of the bar on a daily basis as per job routine, department protocol.
  18. Ensures accurate set-up for reservations for Family/Guests Dining.
  19. Is aware of the Resident Bill of Rights and endeavors to respect and promote it.
  20. Participates in a Residence wide interdisciplinary VIP Quality and Infection Control Programs.
  21. Participates in fire drills.
  22. Performs other related duties and functions that from time to time are required by management.


  1. Serving experience in a commercial dining room required with current Smart Serve certificate.
  2. A minimum of age 16 as a student and in good standing academically or equivalent life/work skill development along with a minimum of grade 10. Grade 12 or equivalent preferred as non student.
  3. Ability to work accurately, neatly and quickly.
  4. Must have an empathy for and ability to get along with our customers and their guests.
  5. Ability to follow oral and written directions.
  6. Must successfully complete an authorized Screening for Vulnerable Persons and a successful Criminal Reference Check and disclose any convictions, charges restraining orders, probation orders and or warrants during the course of your employment that affect in any way your clear Criminal Reference Check and/or Vulnerable Persons Screening.


The Server reports to the Dining Room Supervisor


Refer to Physical Demands Analysis document completed for specific site.


  1. Is aware of employees’ responsibilities and follows all health and safety policies and procedures as set out in departmental manuals.
  2. Works safely to reduce the risk of injury to self, co-workers and customers.
  3. Is alert to and promptly reports all actual or potentially hazardous situations to the immediate supervisor. Does not operate or use faulty equipment.
  4. Wears personal protective equipment (or clothing) as required by task, MSDS or facility policy.
  5. Promptly reports personal injury to supervisor and seeks first aid as needed.
  6. Participates in fire safety demonstrations and fire drills, and knows the Residence fire and disaster plan.
  7. Does not use a ladder in any circumstance. If required to use a ladder in job  routine, formal Ladder Safety Training must be completed for the employee with the Environmental Services Manager.